Hailey 1/6/11


On one hand, waking up in Sun Valley is strange. Well it is to me, anyway. The smell of money strangulates the air. It looks to me like a toy town. Have you asked me about the coming class war?.... But i digress, as is my way....

After 'rocking' the Anchor Bistro in Twin Falls the night before, we gathered our things and our selves and as much of a certain beer as our expert performance had warranted and hit the trail. The trail is not dusty. It's dry and clear. Like all roads should be. The cold and the considerable amount of snow piled alongside the road make everything seem so crisp and clean. Almost antiseptic in a really good way. Thanks Mr. Lister, by the way. You've made the world a better place for my species..... I drove North on 93 into the night. Laughs were had, good times were accrued.... Arrival at the spacious and furnished condo provided by the family of one of our Dear Sailors was smooth and just in time at around 1230 am. The place was pleasantly warm when we walked in and soon enough, as we found, WAY TOO WARM..... I slept sorta well while thinking of what an unbelievable culture of spoiled brats we are to have the luxury of being too warm at the Latitude and Longitude that was my current location.

Up in the morning, Louis and Kelsey run to the store for eggs, potatoes and onion and the like. I try my latest attempt at perfecting my homage to Red Feather Lounge's Veggie Hash. Which is fun because everytime I try I'm in a different kitchen with different ingredients. So it's sort of like anything else I do, or life or art in general. Hit the curveball. Hash is good. Louis' eggs are great. Day old pastries (now 2+ days old) both sweet and savory are an excellent compliment to the meal, in addition to our obscene amounts of bananas and apples and teas and coffees. If this is not the most foodie and beveragey band I've travelled with, then it's a close 2nd. Of course, we're in a plush, posh condo with a fully functioning kitchen about 90 minutes from home. Everything's pretty easy in that situation.

Scatter the troops. Some walk up to the lodge. Some are off to walk into Ketchum. Some (me) hang out, shower and drink tea and try to catch up on email, voicemail, and the like*** We make loose plans to hit the Gold Mine at 2. If you haven't made it yet, the Gold Mine is one of the Thrift Store's Thrift Stores. Almost right on the main drag in Hemingway's old hood, this place is stocked with the castoffs of the rich, the filthy rich, and the outdoorsy, among others... Always worth a stop, even if you leave without a score, as I did. But i just as easily could have spent 10-30$. It's that kind of joint.

***Seriously. I remember when I would just wish that something would happen. Someone would call me with a gig or need a guitar lesson. Or a really hella tight bartending job at a private party. Anything. Just sitting and waiting for people to answer your emails and call you back and simply consider you for something. Anything. And I would wait and wait and wait. And the occasional call would come through: "Well sure we want you to play 4 hours. But we can pay you like 30$!!!!" Sighs.
Meanwhile, I can't even get to my phone right now while it sits and rings and pings and vibrates itself into some netherworld. As far as things happening, I've stumbled onto an embarassment of riches. At least for now. But how long will it last? How to make it last? How long will I last? And more importantly, what happened between now and then that set it off? I'm not complaining. I'm ecstatic. Now back to our story:

Load in and soundcheck at SVB. Sean Flynn is an absolute prince. We are set up and checked by around 4, which is pretty good for a 6-piece of varying experience that is setting up and running it's own PA. Back home for a light afternoon snack or nap or tea or whatever. I believe I heard someone practicing the flute. Dude's already really good... Just goes to show ya.... Some of the boys went down to the Duchin Room to hear Paul Tillotson, a hero of mine and somewhat of an influence on "Goodbye, Waterloo..." Not too much on a surface level, but you can hear it if you really dig down, especially on the outro of 'Stuntman'. He is at the Lodge every TUES-SAT with a trio from 515-845. Hot. T. T.

Back to SVB at 645. We arrive a bit later than I would normally like, but our awesome prep this afternoon has us 'sitting pretty'. ShipShape kicks it off, and this night we have decided to step up the intermarraige of the bands by having all 4our of Bob, Louis, Dave and I guest on different songs in differing combos. What fun! These songs are great. This gig is great. A solid and respectable audience gave us some pretty good attention and applause. Which goes a long way. If you think clapping is optional, I'd like to come to your work and leave without thanking you.

We play a long set. The 1st half is me on acoustic guitar and we play absolutely hot versions of most of the 1st album. 2nd half we call up J & K to form the formidable. The TP6. And we blast through the vast majority of Waterloo... with precision and grace, if I do say so myself. Great response from some of the Wood River Valley's beer enthusiasts. Good times, good times. Althrough the night Sean and the staff at the Brewery are super kind and warm and generous to us. The brewery has fine food and a wide assortment of hand-crafted beers that you should enjoy the next time you find yourself on Main Street in Hailey, Idaho. The send us off with huge amounts of veggie nachos and tortilla wraps to go, of which short work is made.

Back at the palatial confines, much food and drink is consumed. Spirits are high. No colds, just some minor sinus issues. We play cards and watch Glengarry Glen Ross, which is a film that I simply cannot watch enough. I have decided that GGR is "The Big Lebowski of late 20th century Real Estate Dramas" and after watching it, our caravan didn't disagree. There aren't enough Oscars to give that movie, in my opinion... Off to dream land.

"Tomorrow we enter the town of my birth. I want to be ready"
- Jim Morrison