1/7 Idaho Falls


We hit the road. Clear sailing from Sun Valley to IF. Louie at the wheel. Jeffrey and I calculate our gas mileage and, as a result, I will probably never sleep again......

Straight to The Cellar, which is interesting as we are playing on the 2nd Floor. I had hoped for time to sneak off to the Y or something. Haha T you funny guy you.... Quick decisions are made with regards to NOT hauling the Rhodes up a flight of stairs with a serious turn. The songs and the band sound just as good on guitar. Or xylophone. Or uka-freaking-laylee. It's what is in our hearts and heads that counts. Not this crude matter.

It was so great to see so many friends and family come out to show some love for the TP6 and ShipShape. Have i mentioned that ShipShape is my favorite band? Well, I don't really believe in having a favorite band, but you get the idea... ShipShape are making new friends and fans all across the Great State of Idaho. Official State Motto: "Esto Perpetua"
That, apparently, is Latin.
And it translates to, literally, from the Latin, "It is Perpetua".
Or something.
Whatever. That language is dead to me.

After the show, we have a ball watching a certain member of our troupe lurch and lean drunkenly all over the kitchen of my dear Auntie. On into the night it goes. With like, literally, dozens of bagels and a trip to Walgreens for a basket of sundry goods.

Up in the morning. I'm out the door. Off to Les Schwab to buy tire chains, just in case. Next door is something called Los Adalbertos, which as you can tell, sounds muy delicioso. 4 giant breakfast burritos later.....

Quick stop at Fred Meyer for consumables before heading up to Targhee. It's always a good idea to buy WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU NEED before getting anywhere close to vacationland, as you will be paying quite a bit more for the privilege of shopping with the privileged.

Perhaps you were hoping to be regaled with tales of debauchery and samplings of the Northwest's finest illicit substances?.... Talk of fair maidens deflowered and hotel rooms destroyed? You got the wrong girl, honey....I never said this was a rock band or tour. And even if any of that did or didn't occur, I might or might not tell you. Saving up for the book deal.