Boise-Twin Falls 1-5/6-11


11:44 AM Wednesday, January 5th....

I'm awoken by my alarm. Which has been going off since 845 am. That's the way you start your 1st real tour with your own band. 3 hours in the hole. I'm still looking for those 3 hours out here in the middle of Idaho. I think they're just over the next snow-crested hill....

At any rate, we did get out of town, more in spite of me than because of me. Most likely hit I-84 around 3:30 pm, which is only 1.5 hours after my target. So there are half of the mysterious 3 missing hours. Look, about the 3 missing hours... I really don't know what happened. I was running around silly on Tuesday in addition to working a 'double' at my alleged job. After the 2nd half of 'work' I went to the office to arrange merch(andise), attend to some internetting and generally try and get ready to leave. All this and I hadn't packed yet. Arrived home at about 130am and tried, valiantly, to attend to some laundry and packing. Fell backwards at 3am after setting my alarm for 845am. And that brings us to:

11:44 AM Wednesday, January 5th....

No. That brings us to 330 pm, Wednesday. Picked up the gang. The beautiful gang. Louis. Dave. Bob. Kelsey. Jeffrey. All these gorgeous humans. Following me into the abyss. I mean, the future... Yes. That's what I mean.

I drove to Mountain Home. Off to the station. The good news: Hot water for my tea is still free at 99% of all gas stations. In other news: Gasoline is not free. Vans have big tanks. Film at 11.
Jeffrey takes the wheel. Jeffrey is a good driver. Attentive. Not taking anything for granted while in the driver's chair, which I am occasionally guilty of allowing to occur. Don't tell my mother. Ah, never mind, go ahead...
JB sails us safe and sound into the Anchor Bistro and Bar.

Arriving at the venue, which is a charming little renovated Skippers™, not even kidding, we find a super friendly and attentive staff. They seem to be expecting us, well maybe not this many of us, but most of us...
The band and I all agree later that
A: the place is awesome
B: If you have a chance to open a pretty cool bar and restaurant in an old fast food joint you do it
C: if said former restaurant has a giant anchor at a slightly askew angle slammed into the ground in front of it, you make it work for you, not against you, for the love of Dog. Duh.

The Anchor is a tight fit for the TP4, let alone the TP6, which we are offering the wise venues who have chosen to harbor this tour. We set up as a Quarto Magnifico (Casanova Pizza, what's up!) and get the damn out of the way so the magical ShipShape can get after it.
Have i mentioned the ShipShape? The magical Boise indie-folk duo of distinction that is coming to take your heart the way they did mine?
I have the honor of sharing this tour with them and couldn't be more excited to do so. I'm super thrilled that they are in my band as vocalists, percussionists and flautist. And please don't get me started on the rest of the band. I could talk for hours. And I will. But first, back to the action in Twin Falls.

ShipShape kills it. (that's a good thing...) I don't know if it's because most of K's family is in attendance or what, but they are en fuego, as the kids say in the Little Leagues.

Our sets go extremely well, with some personal highlights (for me) being:
The best non-piano version of Pharoahs to date.
A particularly rousing encore, including an impromptu medley of "Pawn Shop" (Sublime) and "Spottiedopalicious" (Outkast)
In fact, we killed it as well. We played most of both albums, to a semi-bemused audience...
My dear friend Adam was there. He was in CIRCLE, my 2nd real band ever, with Trever (RIP, Benjamin).
So good to see him.

And as a complete coincidence, a long lost acquaintance from even before Junior High showed up. We will call him Luke. Luke was a legend. Even at Little League tryouts, which in my town was the first time many of us met kids from other schools on any kind of large scale. Luke was already an unbelievable athlete, and in my mind, an absolute star. I'm not sure what the odds of me mentioning Little League 2wice in one sitting are, but you could probably have made some money betting the under just now. The last time I saw Luke was after finishing up a Bill Coffey set a Hyde Park Street Fair 2 years ago. It pretty rare for me to see someone I've known (of) for almost 25 years. A real treat.
As was this entire show.
Thanks to Bob Maloney and the entire staff at The Anchor.
Thanks to ShipShape and Bob, Dave, and Louis.
We're off to see the Wizard.
Tomorrow, Hailey.