Hillfolk Noir Tour


Ames, Iowa June 13, 2010

Hobo Museum in Iowa
  • Hobo Museum in Iowa

A funky little art space in a funky little building in a funky little town with some funky bands. Hotter than Sin here! After our show we went to Marshalltown to stay at Sam and Dave’s (Crystal City) place. Dave set us up with a show at a local roadhouse called Jd’s Pub.

Minneapolis, MN June 15, 2010

Reso Repair in Minneapolis
  • Reso Repair in Minneapolis

Wow! what a wild town. The folks from Palmer’s Bar and The Cedar treated us to a fantastic evening of Old time Blues and partying. We were surprised to see the sun when we left the club…
Kansas City, MO June 17, 2010

Kansas City
  • Kansas City

Hotter than we could handle. We tried busking for the rich folks, but after one song my clothes were soaked with sweat and we gave up. Sherri, from the Brick, was an awesome host. Kansas City is a place that the locals don’t seem to want to be discovered. I can’t wait to play there again.

Chicago, IL June 18, 2010

Thought I Had it Fixed
  • Thought I Had it Fixed

Ummm…. This City makes me feel like a hillbilly. There’s not much to say about our gig; your typical small Sunday crowd, a club owner whose accent was so thick I couldn’t understand him when he spoke, and pay out that barely got us to Dayton.

Dayton, OH June 19, 2010

Hillfolk in Dayton
  • Hillfolk in Dayton

Dayton was great! Beers, pizza, slept in the van again, in route to Tennessee.…

Johnson City, TN June 20, 2010

Mike and I are pretty worn out from lots of driving and staying up way too late. Two sets in sweltering heat, we slept on the stage. We left Tennessee early in the morning with bellies full of coffee and a few extra bucks. We meandered through the Appalachian Mountains until we ended up in Boone, N. Carolina. Boone is a sweet little mountain town that might just be the center of old time music. In fact, they even have a college in Boone where you can study bluegrass and old time mountain music. If you eat at Macados, you’ll be tempted to order the Dr. Watson chicken sandwhich. that’s right! Boone is Doc’s home town. Since the temperature was cooler in Boone we were able to make some extra money busking on Main St.

Appalachian Mountains
  • Appalachian Mountains

Busking in Boone
  • Busking in Boone

Winston, NC June 21, 2010

Parking in Winston-Salem
  • Parking in Winston-Salem

After leaving Boone, we made the short drive to Winston-Salem on the Doc and Merle highway. Country Dan Collins was our host while hanging out at the Garage. Super great people, Excellent club, and we only saw 1 cockroach…. Sarah killed the hell out it!

Atlanta, GA June 22, 2010

Highland Inn, Atlanta GA
  • Highland Inn, Atlanta GA

Our next stop was Atlanta. Let me tell you this, Atlanta is the friendliest city I’ve been too. The club was in the basement of an old hotel called the Highland Inn. Mega, the sound man was off the charts good. They provided us w/ ice cold PBR and a room in the hotel. ohhh such great and needed rest. We have a sort break before our show in New Orleans, so we’re going to drive highway 61 through the heart of the Mississippi Delta. All of my favorite musicians were from this region.

Highest Point in Alabama
  • Highest Point in Alabama

Boise, ID July 24, 2010 (from Ali, who is sitting out the tour, eating popsicles with the kids)

Part II

H is for Hillfolk Noir, of course.

I is for Ice Cream from the Oriental Market - we tried Pandan Leaf and Coconut. Yum!

J is for Joy.

K is for Kids, kids, babies and kids, and babies and kids, and kids, and kids and babies.

L is for Library and Laundry. We've really spent a lot of time at the library, and there seems to be plenty of laundry to keep me busy.

M is for Music! How I miss the music!

N is for Nagra. Its a new (old) tape machine that just came in the mail and I have to figure out if its working or not, which is going to be a fun adventure.

O is for Organic. Organic music, which reminds me of Sam, and Organic gardens, which reminds me of my small farm dreams.

P is for Pirate the kitty cat who ended up briefly lost, and then found at the Humane Society. Thank goodness for a happy ending to that little saga...