Greetings From Newport Beach


I shot a music video over the weekend...actually for two songs and extra footage for an EPK (otherwise known as an electronic press kit or something similar to a movie trailer) for the new record, Jersey Finger.

On Friday I played at a house party in Costa Mesa with another band Rachel and the Rachels. It was a pretty rad party, I wish I had a camera so you could see what it looked like. A garage with a bunch of old vintage motorcycles was open for all to see, and a backyard with some projector screens and a small set up in the corner, a fire pit, a keg of blonde ale, an open BBQ where we made some blue cheese burgers...and everyone was super cool and let us shoot part of a scene in the front living room.

It's totally embarrassing being the center of attention on a video shoot where you don't know hardly anyone at the party - just sayin.

The next day we shot on location off Dana Point on a yacht owned by some friends of mine. It was a rare overcast day but I think we got decent shots. Stayed on the boat partying and re-organizing the tracklisting on the album with my friend Keith. The album is almost done so it was kind of stretch asking the producer and artwork people on the album to redo a few things but they both seemed understanding and sympathetic.

On Sunday morning we went down to Onofre State Park on the beach. While my buddies surfed, I caught up on some sleep, phone calls, and gave a guitar lesson to my new friend Dylann. The video peeps, Brendon and Courtney arrived in time to shoot some beautiful shots with the ocean in the background and then we got Dylann to guest star in the video by running around on the beach pretending to be a couple or something like that. It was kind of awkward. Oh, she's a girl by the way in case you were wondering.

Wrapped up shooting and went for Thai with the crew. I dropped the rest of my cash buying everyone dinner. Crashed out in Newport Beach and today I'm getting a ride up to Encino (man) to get in the studio with my friend Noah who has it for the next two days. He wants to write a song and record it on the spot. I'm down.

We're taking off now to avoid traffic, but I have so much to report...have played with some awesome bands on this tour in AZ and So Cal.

Check out some links:
Black Carl (download their album free here)
Jake Payne (also a badass glass blower)
Venus Infers (their new album is SOO good)


We have a rad night of music lined up for you Boise folks!!!

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