seattle and bremerton... jesus fuck


Well I'll start off our first entry in "tour mode" with how our weekend went. Fuck.

We have 3 out of state weekend tours booked this month and had our first one last weekend in Seattle and Bremerton WA. We started off thursday with a cram jam session teaching our new guitarist Brycen teaching him some more of our songs. Our old guitarist quit a week or two ago and our studio has been locked up ever since cause we spend all our money on booze and not rent. So 1 day before we leave for the first tour of the year we get our first jam session in with the n00b. Things went suprisingly well, the kid can actually play. By the end of the evening he had about 10 or 12 songs down pat. A brother band of ours Adamant allies would be joining us this weekend and we would be driving in their 79 RV from hell. we loaded up our stuff after practice and headed downtown. We immediately ran out of gas on 13th and hays. This would be an omen of things to come.

I get a text at 4 in the morning from Brycen saying that there was a storm on the route to our destination. Things were supposedly pretty ugly, but we've drove through a lot of bad weather so I wasn't too worried. We left friday morning around 5 a.m. to my dismay, but I would later be very thankful for the very early head start.

We made a pit stop in Baker city to check oil and buy 40's of Hurricane. The gas station attendant asked us where we were headed, I answered Seattle and he warned us of the storm. We decided to stop for breakfast at a mickey d's and again someone had asked where we were going. "Seattle and Bremerton for the weekend and back home." I said "Oh man you picked a hell of a day to leave." she said with a look of genuine concern. I ate my breakfast and headed out to the RV and saw Mike and Willy of A.A. messing with something under the hood. I asked willy what they were doing and he replied "I Just smoked a bowl of speed man I gotta tinker with something." Turns out one of the belts was squeeking so they tightened it.

Everything was going well, we had been driving for about 30 minutes and i was about to doze off when I heard a POP from the front. I woke up and saw the windshield covered in green goo as well as smoke pouring down the side of the RV. Mike kept his cool and pulled off the road (thanksmike) he stopped the RV and everyone sat for about one second before Mike lost his cool and started yelling "GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE VAN RIGHT THE FUCK NOW GO GO GO!" Everyone jumped out for the back door, Brycen couldn't figure out how to unlock the thing so I forward kicked that son of a bitch right open. Everyone jumped out, thinking that it was going to explode at any time. There was a green waterfall pouring out the front and I thought that the weekend was ruined. Someone had immediatly stopped behind us and turns out he was some sort of a mechanic. Not only a mechanic but a Bible thumpin, do unto others kinda mechanic. He took a look and said it was a minor problem and promised to be back in a half hour. He ended up sending an employee out to us and the employee diagnosed the situation. The belt had been tightened too much, busted and then broke the hose from the radiator to the engine. We would need a new belt and radiator hose. He took mike into town, and within two hours we were back on the road. I guess there really are good people still out there.

The guy who helped us out warned us of the storm ahead. We started to get some what worried because the storm was coming up. We ended up driving about 20 miles an hour for about an hour and a half till we got through it. It was pretty smooth sailing from there on out. About a half hour out of Seattle we had to go through another mountain pass. Things were getting uglier than before, and we were nearly out of gas. We pulled onto the first exit we could find and filled up with some gas. Another traveler asked us if that was our RV and if we were heading to seattle. We confirmed and he told us to stay there, and that "There was a yard sale of cars on the side of the road about ten miles down." We had come so far that we threw caution to the wind and carried on. The guy wasn't kidding, every half mile there was another car on the side of the road, and we even saw one flipped over. Again mike kept his cool and got us there safely. Turns out that about ten minutes after we got out of the pass the Police shut down the road.

We got to the Morgue (the club) at about 8:30 and immedietly started drinking. A new agenda and NFFU from Boise also jumped on the show that night. A new agenda opened the show and rocked about 10 songs. Seattles Shit gets smahshed played next, and they fuckin' killed it. People were pitting the whole time. A crowd of about 150 people had paid to get in. We played 3rd and had about 15 people inside when we started. We blasted through about 5 songs and everyone else had decided to come in and check it out. I had cracked open a 40 of Old E and was pretty buzzed while we were playing. We blasted through the rest of the set and I blasted through another 40. I was fuckin tanked. NFFU played next and they destroyed. I noticed that there was a crowd of people singing along to every song they played. Hard work has gotten them a decent fan base.

Seattle locals The bloodclots finished up the show, and during their set I think a fight broke out. Idunno. Lonny (from dreadful children) places a fat stack of cash from the door split in my hand. We had sold a bunch of albums and shirts so we did pretty well especially considering the last time we played there (it was bad)

The next day we played in Bremerton WA at a club called The Charleston. We slept at the Morgue the night before. We left around 3 or 4 (it was raining as usual) It felt good to finally get sleep but i was pretty hung over. We stopped at a diner and I decided to start out my day off right with a good ol' american Budweiser. We left the diner and rolled into Bremerton around 6.

Rigo and I decided to keep drinking and walked to the gas staion and bought some King Cobra malt liquor. While we were leaving we saw a few kids from previous trips to Bremerton and they decided to walk back with us. The show started around 9 and we found out that we had a bar tab. We decided to not inform the Brycen about said tab and rigo and myself started drinking hamms and ghetto bombs. A new agenda and adamant allies had already played and i was already pretty tanked. We set up and decided to skip the sound check. We blasted through our set and I was pretty stoked to see that several kids in the crowd knew a lot of the songs. We had a few song requests as well.

We went out and partied at the club owners house. I don't like to get drunk under the table, but those dudes knew how to party. I decided to pass out on a couch around 5 a.m. About an hour later they woke me up and asked if I wanted to go to the bar down the street. I thought about it but declined for fear of the vomiting session that would follow. I also noticed that I was spooning with a large man. Unfortunately I was the little spoon. I shoved the guy over, but he just kept scooting closer. I decided to bow out and crashed on the floor. The sun was up and before I fell asleep Brycen fell down right next to me reeking of alcohol. We ended up taking off a few hours later, and as luck would have it we fucking broke down. Again. A new agenda was tailing us and offered to give 2 of us a ride back because things had taken a turn for the worst for our RV. I had to work at noon so everyone told me to take it. Brycen had a public intoxication ticket he had to appear in court for the next day so he took the other. Apparently a lot of bad shit happened to the rest of the gang while trying to get that stupid thing home. We decided that we were all going to get shirts that said "I survived the 79" on it with an RV flying of a cliff on fire. I ended up getting home at 5 a.m. and made it to work a half hour late...

Stay tuned next weekend we'll be in Denver and SLC. Last time we were in Denver we picked up a hooker.. (long story) I promise to post some pics.