In Logan and Rexburg


Utah State University in Logan, Utah reminded us of a ski resort as our minivan was welcomed with intermittent snow storms and majestic views of the mountains surrounding the campus.

Trevor in front of the Taggart Center
  • Trevor in front of the Taggart Center

We opened for We Shot the Moon in a spacious auditorium in the Taggart Center. Vintage theater chairs were vacated, as students crowded around the elevated wooden stage. I have to say, it was a little weird playing our first show in months in a different state in front of all new people, but our Utah State audience was more than willing to help us out with their enduring claps.

After the show, we headed to the hotel on campus, where I was shocked and uphauled to learn that McDonald's in Utah served me spicy chicken sandwiches instead of McChickens...


The drive to Rexburg was easy and short. Rexburg itself was freezing- It even snowed a couple inches while we were playing our set! Before load-in at the Westwood Theater, we hit Deseret Industries, where Bryan scored himself some sexy cowboy boots.


Bathroom of the Westwood Theater
  • Changing in the bathroom of the Westwood Theater

We had sooo much fun playing in Rexburg that night- the Westwood Theater is a unique venue, surprisingly conducive to high-energy music, and the students there love music. Out in the lobby is a giant, vintage projector that must have been used in the 1930s. We spent a little time exploring the underground hallways and rooms too.

After a Taco Bell run with Trevor and Jason, we joined the rest of We Shot the Moon in the home of a welcoming stranger just down the street from the theater for our last night on the road.


We left during a blizzard at 7:30am (Bryan was kind enough to go start the van and scrape the windows in 14-degree wind), but broke free after a couple hours, and it was smooth sailing till Boise. We're glad to be back, but can't wait to re-visit our new friends in Logan and Rexburg!