Border Patrol/Another Planet/Salt Water/Sun


Tour has been going awesome so far. We are 4,280 miles into it, and have been through Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and are currently making our way north through California. Since our last entry, we have traveled from El Paso to Tucson, and over to San Diego.


We drove from El Paso to Tucson after our show at Bombardiers. We have been driving through the night, and checking into hotels at 5 or 6 am. It works to our benefit if the drive isn't too long after the show. After a good nights rest in Tucson, we hit the town, and went to Skrappy's Youth Collective. It was a rainy night, and not many kids were at the show. Great place, good energy, and the kids seemed excited about having a place to go. We are looking into booking there in the future.

The next day, we set out to one of our favorite tour destinations....San Diego, CA. We traveled through the Arizona desert, taking in the intense scenery. We were driving right next to the Mexico border again. There were jagged mountain peaks, cactus, and the temp was mid 80's. Couldn't have asked for a better day for a drive. We stopped in Yuma and grabbed a bite to eat. Ben and I were enthralled by the hand drying machine in the men's room at the Yuma truck stop. We have been rating the bathrooms along the trip for kicks, and this one certainly got the four out of four stars.


When nearing California, we were stopped again (like the 4th time) by the border patrol. The dog scratched our van, so the made us pull aside the van, and asked if we had drugs or illegals on board. We were asked to exit the van and sit in chairs against their trailer while they searched the van. The Border Patrol agent asked who was the driver, and I stepped forward and told him I was. He asked if there were any drugs on board, and I replied no. He told me they were after "big packages" and not looking for small stuff. He also told me he was going to be angry if I was lying to him, and he found drugs. I assured him they would find nothing.

He searched with his dog for a while and then put the dog back in a nearby truck. We heard a slamming sound of a metal pipe hitting the side of our van, and later found out the dog had bit his hand, and he reacted to the pain by chucking the pipe. He walked off for a while, and came back to me and said "have good day" and let us go on our way.

After that we drove on in the direction of California. We began to climb in elevation, and felt the air become a little cooler. We came around a bend to see mountains made of giant boulders that were round like gigantic river rocks. They were on all sides of us, and massive. It was as if we were on another planet.


We passed through, and pulled off for a stretch break near Octillio. We picked some fresh sage, and found some massive rocks in a creek bed that were all white, and had crystals in within. There was a garage near by that read BENNY and Son's. We took a time out to snaps some shots, and then headed to San Diego.


Jennie J flew in to meet us, and was picked up by a SD friend Jordan, and delivered to us at our hotel on Mission Blvd. We have been making it a practice to get the room at the same hotel when we can, as it is only a block from the Pacific Ocean.


On the top of my list was a dive into the salt water. We unloaded our stuff to the room, threw on shorts, and headed to the beach. There were surfers everywhere, and it was far more crowded than when we were there in December.

I dove in, and enjoyed the salty water for a few. We all went back to the hotel and had a great night hanging out and catching up with friends. The next night we rolled down to the Radio Room where were booked to play. The first band Mojo cancelled at the last minute, so we had a 2 band bill, sharing the night with Ratbirds (San Diego locals) Our set went great, and we met quite a few people after the show. We did well in merch sales, the bar staff treated us right, Chris (sound), and Nathan (door) were great to hang with. We loaded up, and headed back to Mission Blvd to the hotel and the beach.

We found this old picture hanging at store nearby that showed what PB looked like in the early days.

When near the ocean, I find it hard to walk away..... We were on the beach for most all of my free time in San Diego.


Chris & ReVoLtReVoLt