Rocky Mountain high-


A fun show with a shredding shredding from texas called "Fatty Lumpkin"(check em out!) and we made our way down to Salida for an acoustic show on a Tuesday to a few locals and the always happy and smiling owner (even when no ones there..) Clark. The acoustic set-up always transforms songs in such a cool way. Ended up in one of the best jams in 'red Sand' i think we've ever had! As the night progressed it started dumping snow and ended up being around 7 inches of powder in the morning. Crashed at Clark's place and then made our way to Crested Butte for a half day of epic skiing before the show at the eldo. The eldo had this feeling that alot of great shows had happened there so I kinna knew i was gonna be a great show after we loaded in up a horrible set of icy stairs. the crowd was amazing and really into the music from the first note. Definitely the best show of the tour we all decided. Stayed at our new friend Emilie's house that i found on a few days earlier and made weird drunk food at 4 in the morning after the gig(doing the wave w/ shots of tequila with the staff after the show) . Spent the next morning walkin about the town checking out a few coffee shops and then bailed to Telluride!!! Telluride is probably in my top 3 favorite places ive ever been. Epic mountains everywhere you look and really fun music loving locals that are always stoked. Can see why after skiin the best powder ever the next day on the mountain. The show that night had a really cool dynamic going from an older crowd of couples doin some kind of line-dancing into younger lifties and such showing up later and freaking out as we slipped into some heavy trance grooves. Felt super tight and felt re-assured of it after the owner said it was the best show he'd seen @ Fly me too the Moon this season! Was def. flattering for all the great bands they have there. Woke up semi-early for a full day of skiin and headed out to Durango. Wrote a setlist while chatting about the dead with the owner Scotty at The Summit. Some good friends that saw us desert rocks music festival in Moab last yar held strong on the dance floor but most were next door at the aggie theatre for the Motet so it turned out to be a pretty slow night until around 1 a.m. when the drunks spilled over and filled the floor. After almost falling asleep in the green room i got woke up and loaded out of another trecherous set of stairs. Headed back to Telluride to meet mia novia and ski tmrw! Cant wait to get to mystic hot springs this week!!!!!