Day 30/80 — North Carolina


froggisan -- one of our many travelling companions
  • froggisan — one of our many travelling companions

show in Knoxville on Tuesday at the Pilot Light was really cool. pretty low key. but a sweet venue ran by musicians for musicians. got in to Chattanooga mid-afternoon as a couple of film students there wanted to film some footage of us playing acoustic in an old abandoned YMCA a la La Blogotheque style "take away show". pretty incredible. curious to see how it comes out. regardless, we had a blast doing it. shot "A Whale, A Fish" off of our 2007 ep of the same name in this basement pool room and empty pool. low lighting. tons of natural reverb. really haunting. one of the wildest rooms we've ever played in. then shot "Dali" on top of the spanish style roof of the building. totally different setting. nice and sunny and warm out. paint on the walls peeling off. tile roof. shot "Antoinette" in the old basketball gym. one hoop barely hanging from the backboard, one still with a tattered net hanging from it. sunlight beaming through the old windows. this building blew our mind. super inspiring and fun. weren't planning on it, but we were so pumped we shot a version of "Wake" with us roaming the dusty and falling apart halls — Cam playing "drums" on the walls and everywhere. one of the more amazing, unique and fun musical experiences for all of us. really curious to see how the videos come out. we'll keep you posted. thanks to Ben and Sahale for spearheading the project and making it happen!

roof of old YMCA in Chattanooga
  • roof of old YMCA in Chattanooga

show that night was at JJ's Bohemia, a really cool bar we played a couple of times in 2008. once again 'ol Chattanooga shocked us and there was a nice rowdy crowd out late dancing and hootin and hollerin with us. Chatt's been one of our favorite stops with all of our touring. we've now played in 40 states and it stands pretty tall in that mix. a local blues guy by the name of Mark Holder and Serious Sam Barnett from the UK opened for us. really enjoyed both of them, not every night we get to play with folks like that.

had yesterday off and cruised to Asheville, NC... meandering through the Smoky Mountains... taking backroads to avoid the recent massive rockslide. nice night of rest and finally got to play some basketball this morning at an old YMCA in Asheville. old wooden court and walls. it was nice. hope to be firing up the hoops more often the rest of tour. one month in. hardly even noticed it. we were just talking about how after awhile it just feels like life and doesn't really feel like we're gone from anything or that anything is weird about travelling to somewhere new every day. especially with all the travelling we've done over the last three years. something like 600 shows in 40 different states. 115,000+ miles of travel. this often feels like home. hard to explain i suppose. been a good tour thus far. very excited for all the East Coast action to come. we'll see the Atlantic tomorrow in Wilmington.

north carolina state line near hot springs, nc
  • north carolina state line near hot springs, nc

playing at a cool festival in Raleigh, NC tonight called Let Feedback Ring (started last July 4th - thus the name). here's an article in the local paper about it that includes some FR love: Independent Weekly

hope all is well at home.
high fives from all of us here at Finn Riggins mobile headquarters.