San Antonio-El Paso


caught in the act?
  • caught in the act?

Hello from Tucson! Since our last entry we have made our way through Texas, New Mexico, and are now back in Arizona. We Left Austin Saturday morning, and headed to San Antonio. Our friends Chris & Alisa provided awesome hospitality, and we left with full bellies, and a good frame of mind to hit the road.
Jennifer Orr of Orr iginal Promotions, Ben BrunnĂ¢„¢, and Chris Heibarger
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  • Jennifer Orr of Orr iginal Promotions, Ben BrunnĂ¢„¢, and Chris Heibarger

San Antonio is about an hour and a half drive south. We rolled into town and made our way to Mine Shaft where we were scheduled to play. With SXSW going on, all of the venues in the area booked up pretty early. We were stoked to get on board with this venue, and made a great night of it. The Mine Shaft is a room set back from a restaurant/bar - The Magic Time Machine, that serves up awesome food, and has totally unique decor. There are albums hanging all over the walls, and they have themes with each table. Admittedly, the restaurant initially caught us off guard. It wasn't what one would think of as a loud rock and roll atmosphere. There was a guy running around in a Batman suit, and we began to wonder if we had crashed a Chuck E Cheese. We were greeted by an awesome bartender that reassured us that the dining side was clearing out, and the bar side would shift into a more raucous atmosphere. Captain Jack Sparrow blew by us as we grabbed some beverages and offered a hello. We made our way to the stage and began to set up, the crowd shifted some, and we were greeted by friends Jerry and Heidi (former Boise residents) that live in nearby Boerne, TX. Family from Houston also made the journey to catch the show as well. The bar shifted some and folks bellied up for a night of drinks and music.

ReVoLtBoTs trying to fit in @ the Mine Shaft in San Antonio
  • Domo Arigato
  • ReVoLtBoTs trying to fit in @ the Mine Shaft in San Antonio

We played a fun set, throwing in a Bock oldie, "Connie", and Neil Young's "Like a Hurricane". Everyone had a good night, and when all was said and done, we had sold plenty of merch, and made quite a few new friends/fans.
The Magic Time Machine
  • The Magic Time Machine

Following the show, we headed to Boerne (45 min North) to stay with friends Jerry and Heidi. They had pizza fresh outta the oven, and beds ready in several rooms. Couldn't have ended the night better. We all woke the next day, and grabbed a shower, and dug into an awesome breakfast that included coffee, eggs, and a huge pineapple. We also dried out all of our wet blankets from the Austin storm, and had a good cleaning session on the van. With fluids checked, full bellies, and many thanks, we headed out in the direction of El Paso.
We drove all day to Van Horn, TX and grabbed a hotel for the night. After a good nights rest, we wandered into town, and found a coffee shop called the Cornerstone. They had just recently opened their doors, and were excited about their new business venture. We had a cup, caught up on emails, and future booking prospects, and headed out for El Paso.
Along the Rio Grande/Border to Mexico
  • Along the Rio Grande/Border to Mexico

El Passso?
  • El Passso?

We arrived at Bombardiers (the venue) a little early, and went for a hike about town and the mesa. The Sweetest Downfall, a local band we were to share the bill with, showed up and loaded in. We hung out together and got to know one another while doing cord repairs, and set up. We played a blistering set, and had tons of fun. We did an alternate version of the song "After the War" from the chordata CD, and our newest song went over well. New lyrics settling into place, and good energy all around. We did well with the locals, and made new fans/friends, and sold plenty of merch and CD's. The Sweetest Downfall played an awesome set, and teh night went off without a hitch. After we packed up and were ready to hit the road, we ventured into the bathroom, and left our mark.
Leaving Our Mark
  • Leaving Our Mark

El Paso is a border town that sits near the town of Juarez. In our travels we have heard reports from AP, Npr, and other news sources regarding the gang related murders in the border towns. We had family and friends concerned, and admittedly, I had my reservations regarding the location of our gig and what to expect. We played in part of town that wasn't experiencing the tension as much, and after talking to the locals, we learned most of the murders were a few miles away in the city of Juarez. Everyone we encountered in El Paso was super friendly, and happy to have original live music from IDAHO!

We are in Tucson for the day, and hitting the streets! Temp is a comfortable 66 degrees right now, and we are all in good spirits, healthy, and ready for more!

Best regards to all Idahoans and other friends alike!

If you have friends in the areas we are touring, please send em our way!!!!!