Expect the unexpected, pack a lot of hot sauce, and keep the horses watered. It's TEXAS!



We arrived in Austin on Friday, and pulled up to Chris Hiebarger's Place (Boise friend currently relocated in Austin). After getting grounded a bit, we headed down to the festival activities.

Streets were full of music, with bands blaring over the top of each other. A lot to take in in one day, but we had a good time strolling about for a few hours. We would have stayed longer than one day, but we have tour dates packed in all around the fest.

While we DIDN'T score an official or unofficial slot this year, we had plenty of fun mingling with musicians, meeting new friends/music fans, and chatting with music biz people. We had lines in the water up until the last minute, and nothing matured. We weren't one bit discouraged, and made the most out of a beautiful day. It was door after door of music, packed all the way down 6th Street and beyond. A good part of the time you could hear the bands wailing over the top of each other. All styles of music from all over the world. Pretty amazing.

After taking in the days festivities, we headed to the grocery store, picked up some food, and went to our friends Chris, Alisa, and Jake's house. They have an awesome little cottage with plenty of shade. We pitched two tents in the backyard, and after dinner turned in for some good shut eye. I went out to sleep in the van for the night. I love the loft we have built over our gear. It has tons of nice blankets, and when the van is parked level, it is one of my my favorite places to sleep.

I awoke at 5am to knocking on the van window. Thinking it might be one of our gang, I quickly sat up to answer the locked door. Before I could get out of the loft, the door opened, and a strangers voice asked, "hello?, can you give me a jump start?"....I told him NO, and before I could get to the door, he said "I thought you'd like to know, your door was unlocked, I will lock it for you". He slammed the door shut, and was on his way. I jumped up and made it out of the van just in time to see a man in black with a stocking cap on round the street corner. Pretty weird, figured he was on the prowl.

I locked up tight and went back to bed. I was woken up a second time at 6am to heavy rain pounding down on the van. We have a moon roof that has been known to leak at times. I sealed it 3 times over before we left Boise, hoping it would hold up. It didn't stop the TEXAS rain.

I decided it was sink or swim, and jumped out of the van grabbing a tarp and bungie cords. I climbed the side of the van to get on the roof, and pull it over the top of the van. The lightning was flashing over my head like a strobe light, and as I looked down, my hands were knuckle deep in water on the van roof.

I was drenched in less than 2 minutes. I climbed back in, jumped in the drivers seat, and drove it down the block, pulled it back around to a parking lot that had an incline. I placed some stuff under the leak to catch the drip, and then sat watching the water run off. I waited for the rest of the guys to come out to the van, thinking their tents wouldn't last. Ben came out shortly thereafter, and helped me tarp the van. I cleaned up enough of a spot to sleep, and we called it a night.

The next morning we shared our tales the storm over coffee and migas (mexican style eggs w/jalepenos and tortillas). We had some good laughs, and then packed up and headed for San Antonio!

We are having a great tour, and meeting a lot of great people. Everyone is healthy, and every day brings something new.

We will have more posts coming soon!
Hope all is well in Idaho.

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