Equaleyes day 8-9 Boulder>Foco


Playing after saint pattys day is always a funny experience. Either everyone is too hungover to come out again or they do come out but have a look as if they are goin to fall over any second. We rolled into Boulder and hooked up with our friend Josh from Smooth Money Gesture(woot woot!) who works at the best sandwich place in Boulder called "Snarf's" and then made our way down to connor oneill's to scope the scene. Connor's is a groovy lil irish pub that brings in great music and has probably the coolest staff we work with, always wanting us to play songs off our album that we never play anymore.
We started the set acoustic with some mellow folk songs Ive been playin with just Hawk and I and carried the acoustic vibe on into the EE set until the room filled in a bit. Some other friends of ours from the band "Hot soup' Mirco and Adrian came by and got to get mirco up on sax for 4 or 5 tunes. Mirco's probably the best saxophone player Ive ever played with and pretty much can light up any tune we throw at him. We did a noodly Blue Bossa>Smokey Joes Cafe>No Doctor combo with him adding some extra jazz n funk feel. After a quick drink at set break the college crowd began to arrive and get the dance floor movin.
I noticed a young sexy black girl dancing wildly in the middle of the floor beginning to approach the stage and crawling over my pedal board like a cat. She then started "freaking" Tom and he claims she "bit him on the ass" during his bass solo!!! She then came over to me and started grabbing my groin as i was trying to solo but wasnt doing to well under the circumstances. I finally shoo'ed her off and we wrapped up the tune, sending her dancing out of the room now that the music was gone and the spell was lifted. Having a good laugh with the employees while packing out we bailed and headed to Denver to party with YAMN who had just played their 1st headlining show at the FOX theatre in Boulder! Cocaine and whiskey kept us up till dawn laughing and chatting about funny tour stories. On our way to Fort collins to play with some local bands we've never met so gettin stooooked!!! out-