ReVoLt W/Texas-Swimming Pools and Super Happy Fun!


Hello friends! We are rolling across Texas now, and since our last entry, we have played Bryan, and Houston. Today we headed out to Austin for the massive SXSW fest. We only set aside one day for the week long party, as we have many other dates in the area, and little time to do everything. We are stoked to see the sights, and of course hear the sounds.


We left San Angelo Wednesday morning and headed to Bryan, TX. The day welcomed us with sunshine and fresh air. The drive was about 6 hours, trekking through farmland and small towns. We arrived at Stafford on Main (venue), and strolled around town a bit. Bryan is an interesting town, kinda old, and looks like they are trying to bring it back some. They had a great coffee shop called the Village, and a store called Earth Art, that reminded me of Boise's Dragon Fly, or Eyes of the World. It was St. Patrick's Day, and the venue began to fill up fairly quickly. They had the police stop by a few times earlier in the week regarding noise, so they asked if we could set the band up in front of the stage, further away from the back door. It made for an interesting set up, but all of the bands managed to make it work. We went on second after Robbie Hazen and the Riot (Miami), and were well received. We made time after the show to mingle with the locals a bit, check out the other bands, and then headed out for Houston. The drive was for two plus hours through windy highway roads. We scored a motel 6, and they let us check in early at 5 am. They had a pool, and the weather was good enough for a quick dip....minus an oil slick or two......


We headed the the next venue Super Happy Funland around 5pm. The building was HUGE! They had massive murals painted on all the walls, and several rows of old theater seats.


There were T-Shirts for sale, and art was hanging everywhere. They had a grand piano located to the left of the stage, and various band members were taking turns playing it. Idaho friends Finn Riggins rolled in just as we were about to go on. It was great to see familiar faces from home. Our set went well, and despite a slim crowd due to the earliness, we had a great time.

After our set, we loaded out, and picked up our Boise friend Jen Orr at the Airport in Houston. She has joined up with us for the rest of the tour. She is working on her Crossroad Angel site, a music directory for independent/underground musicians. We came back to the venue, and watched the bands play until about 1:30 am. Due to our airport run, we weren't able to check out Finn Riggins. We are fully confident that they threw down the moves in representing Idaho. There were 11 bands total on the bill, and all of them had something unique to offer. Brian, Jason, and the entire crew of SHFL were more than hospitable. We will definitely be heading back when in Texas again.

Upcoming Dates:
SXSW • March 19th
San Antonio @ the Mine Shaft • March 20th
San Antonio @ Music Connection • March 21st
El Paso @ Bombardiers • March 22nd
Tucson @ Gooch's Place • March 23rd

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Hope all is well with our friends at home in the city of trees.