equaleyes day 7 Pattys Day in Nederland-


Rowdy show last night in Nederland. Met before the show with our good friends from the band "Smooth Money Gesture" who happen to work at one of the 6(!!!) medical marijuana dispensaries in Ned. Funny for a place that doesnt even have a normal pharmacy to have 6 medical marijuana pharmacies eh? Started with the bluegrass/americana vibe first set which we've learned works well for the folks here in gettin em on the dance floor right away. Played some acoustic songs at setbreak and then got into the electronic grooves second set up until fights started breaking out in random spots of the small room!!! We wrapped up soon after and decided to call it early (@ 1:15) seeming how the tension was rising and some drunk girl had already wiped out onto Tom's pedals. After a few "car bombs" with the bar tenders, we drunkenly loaded out and headed to our friend Dan's cozy cabin in the hills and I instantly passed out on the couch. Headed to Boulder to catch YAMN headline the Fox Theatre tonight for our day off!!!