ReVoLtReVoLt Spring Tour - From Vegas with love


RR Spring Tour - Vegas
  • RR Spring Tour - Vegas

Checkin in from Vegas tonight. We are 3 days into the tour, and have had great experiences thus far. Jamie and Casey form the Flipside in Pocatello were more than hospitable. -Jamie spun some crazy mixes of songs prior to show, like Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl" Mixed with Smashing Pumpkins 1969, and Kiss "Detroit Rock City" and Paula Abdul's "Straight up". We had a chance to chat with Levi from KISU FM, and he had been playing the ReVoLtReVoLt "chordata" album earlier in the week. We all agreed that we need to make Pocatello a regular stop.

From there we traveled to Salt Lake City...arriving at Dawn and checking into a Motel 6. We all sacked out, and awoke to a drug bust in the parking lot outside our room. They had narcotics agents sporting assault rifles, and pulling panels off of the car in question. They politely asked us to go back inside for a few minutes until they were done. We complied. Later that day we went to the venue we were booked at, Brown Town, and found an emaciated cat howling in the alley. We fed it some kipper snacks, and headed back to the hotel to eat our dinner and charge the batteries.

We left Salt Lake around noon and headed south to Vegas. We had big beautiful jagged mountains to the left and the Great Salt Lake to the right. As the drive progressed, and we passed St. George, it felt like we were on another planet. The highway took us on a brief journey through Arizona canyons. We kept sayin we felt like we were on something because we couldn't focus on the road, and the patterns of the canyon walls were going in all different directions.

Cookbook Entry- Jasin made Ham/Pepperjack/Mustard sandwiches for lunch. He added a lake of Sriracha to my sandwich. I think I may have found my pain threshold.

We played the Double Down Saloon tonight with Brent Amaker and the Rodeo. The show went well, and we had a great turnout. Hotel now, and rest is in order. After's only 5am.

We will be writing on a more regular basis now, and promise to post more pictures.
Hope all is well in Les Bois!