Bruce Springsteen


we made a brief stop in Modesto, CA on friday afternoon for lunch with our friend Travis in Santa Cruz. this is his cat. bruce springsteen. he was lost. but now he's found.

Bruce Springsteen, cat
  • Bruce Springsteen, cat

great show at Muddy Waters in Santa Barbara last night. love it here. great company. thankful for all the friends and good people here. and rad time at Biko Garage tonight in Isla Vista. what an awesome place. cool little cozy sunday crowd. nice, sunny, windy day by the pacific ocean all day today. beach bocce once again. started the afternoon hanging out on the UCSB campus in the KCSB 91.9 FM studios with Josh from 5432fun! fun fun fun indeed. boy eats drum machine dance party. hoop + wire. we were particularly giddy today. it was an awesome day.

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