How Does Life Unfolds


June 11, 2010—We have heard a million times and sometimes read it in almost every book we read but some people have yet to understand that " Life is a journey " means, we will finally get there.
For me and my " Journey" as life is called, I have finally understood it.
Just like flying to New York or driving to Vegas, sailing to Africa or taking the TGV across Europe, the mere thing that preoccupy our minds is, "when are we going to get there?" and not "will we get there?"
But when it comes to life, many people ask the wrong questions like " will I ever" or " Is it over for me to carry on"?
And most of the time people give up and just watch their journey slip out of their hands. I was one of those, well not entirely, I had a little bit of faith than most of them and today, I finally conclude that, Life is a journey...

When i say it's a journey, I don't mean we were born and shall die, that's biblical. What i mean is, we will get to whatever direction we set ourselves too, but we need to persevere despite the length of time.
Today is fourteen years since i started my journey, and every thing i wanted to achieve when i was twelve, has finally come to be. People are like what's can a twelve years old African Kid set to do? Well, so much happened in my life at twelve. I was out on my own, I had to be my own relative and walk my own way to manhood. I had to live thousands miles away from my country and take the most humiliation status in the whole world, a refugee. Not being in touch with my entire family for more than ten years, yes! at twelve! and today i did it... what you got to say?

But knowing that life is a journey, and just like flying or taking a road trip the only way you may not reach to the destination is if the plane crash, or the car crash and in real life, if you die. In my case, I continued my journey with a lot of lay overs and delays due to bad weather just like flying but with hope and faith, fourteen years today, I finally reach the destination. And the great part is that, my reaching comes with a whole hand of bonuses.

In 1998 if someone had asked me if i would ever be reunited with my family, I would definitely have answered, " God willingly" not "no" because i am optimistic. I look on the positive side of things no matter how hard things seems. Eight hours from now, I will be in Kampala with my Mom, Dad, Brothers and Sisters and lot of relatives that i longed to see for the past fourteen years. Thanks to God, and a lot of good will people that i met along my fourteen years long journey to reclaim my status from a refugee to a citizen of a certain land which will God willingly get concluded in July of 2011 when i get my American citizenship. And a huge thanks to the people of Idaho that had provided me with all kind of support i can finally approach my next journey with unshakable confidence.

I will update this blog with more information about the family re unification and the bonus part which will be attending the first World Cup to ever be held in Africa. Keep in tune. I am still in Dubai Airport waiting for my next flight.