How to Watch the World Cup in Boise


We are 10 days away from the world's biggest sporting event and everybody is going wild. The Australian National Team was first to land in South Africa a week ago, joined by Brazil a day after.

Yesterday the U.S. and Argentina landed and this week the rest of the 32 countries will be welcomed by our African representatives who are Nigeria, Algeria, Cote D’Ivoire, Cameroon, Ghana and the host nation South African, which will kick start the tournament on the 11th against Mexico in Soccer City Stadium, Soweto, JB.

The way you can tell that this World Cup is so special is that, for once, Americans are actually talking about it. Yes they are. And maybe it’s because last June the American national team achieved its biggest soccer success ever by reaching the finals of the Confederation Cup, which they lost to Brazil 3-2 after going up 2-0 in the first half. Well that was a surprise and many Americans are hoping that performance will be replicated this month when they face England, Algeria and Slovenia.

How will people watch all the games without breaking their bank accounts purchasing cable and dish network channels? Well, I have few suggestions for you. First, Telemundo the Mexican channel that most people get will broadcast some of the games. I also heard that Channel 7 in Boise will show some of the games live but I was unable to reach out to the people in charge to get confirmation. But, I have a site that promises links to every game in a high quality video, for free. And it's; just click on the game you want to watch and choose the link that you prefer as it has many image qualities for you to choose from. (There are lots of popup ads to wade through first.) You can also watch league games and friendlies on the above links, which will be tops for a soccer addict like me.

And during the World Cup, you won’t be that one who asks the wrong question when the tournament is going on because you will actually know the places to watch for and their names. Keep in touch here with me for the after-match report and photos, as I am blessed to be headed to South Africa during this memorable month.