Refugees Hope Higher Than Everyone


“They got tortured but never stop going, they got stubbed but they endure, they always think life is too long while others say are too short”
FBM Fidel in Route to Peace

There is so much we can learn from trial and tribulation, but the one thing that it makes us is strong. When we achieve success through trial, we hardly fall apart again. Brilliant young men don’t just happen, they emerge from hardship and challenges. Before I had time to enjoy my childhood, war forced me into places that were not pleasant. At first, I could not understand, but today I realize that those unpleasant places have taught me so much that I would not trade for anything.

I noticed that when kids start going astray in wealthy families, they are sent to some kind of boot camp where they are put through the trials and challenges of life to try and make them appreciate how well they've got it. Looking close at the program, you’ll realize that these rich kids are made to live regular folks' kind of life to make them change. This makes me appreciate emerging from trial to success.

Living as a refugee, I had to stir hope and keep it burning. My belief was to the roof that there is that day, that day when life will react in my favor, and that’s just how refugees and other regular folks with dreams in life think and believe. And I am a witness and beneficiary to this success that comes from hope and belief. As evidence: “I am here, ain’t I?”

There may be many bad things in life, but being a refugee is one of the top 10 worst situations a human being can be in. It comes with a lot of losses. Unlike others situations, it even gets worse. You run away from your home suddenly leaving everything you own behind, everyone you know and everyone that can help you and make you feel valuable. As in my case and many others who fit in my shoes, you leave your parents, siblings and everyone else that you know. You go to a far away land and are placed in a camp where they feed you, dress you and clean after you like a pet. You get isolated from the outside world, with no hope of when or how that situation will end.

But there is no one that hopes higher than refugees. No mater how many atrocities they go through, how much they've lost, orphans or widows, they keep that hope high that there is a day. There is a day when their moment will arrive. Life is about moments, and when it arrives, it's arrived. Even all the nation may raise against it, it will still happen. That’s the moment all refugees hope for and believe in. This belief and hope keep them enduring when statistics show they have 99 percent risk of poverty. Will there be a day when there will be peace on every corner of the world? I don't know, but i know there will be a day when the word "refugee" won't mean suffering no more.

I asked is the world ending tomorrow. They answered to me “no”
I asked again, next week, next month or next year?
They answered with no doubt “no“
then I look at them and tell them, "Why then kill myself while I still got enough time to try?"

FBM Fidel in Route to Peace