Mourinho Genius Sees Off Barcelona's Collection of Talents to Seal Champion League Final in Madrid


  • Inter Milan
  • Milan

Many people talk and others just hold on to their hatred of the Portuguese Inter Milan coach. Whatever your opinion, Jose Mourinho has proven to be the best coach alive. His genius, his plan, method and idea of football has proven to be the best winning football formation in the world today.

Barcelona, for the past three years, has proven to be the best team in the world, With ability to easily push the likes of Man United (2-0 in the last final), Chelsea, Arsenal, Milan, Real Madrid—all the top flight teams in Europe off their path. But when it come to “the special one,” he simply knows what to do win games. It’s not the kind of players he has; it’s his knowledge of what football should be: Winning, not entertaining.

He proved his critics wrong today, after winning with the same man-on-man defending system he applied last week in San Siro to score three goals on counter attack. Many believed Barcelona would react with unbelievable attacking and goals margin today to reverse the outspoken Mourinho’s 3-1 aggregate lead but, the unbelievable wasn’t about Barca but the Milanese defending system which left Barca with 85% of ball possession, three real chances created and one goal on the score board. This was not enough to see Pep Guardiola, a coach made famous more by the skills of his players than his knowledge, move to the final.

Mourinho has accomplished what he was hired by Milan to accomplish and he is at the peak of the world now. He achieved that in ideal conditions too, playing with 10 men for 70 min, being trailed by an off side goal and playing the best attacking team on the planet. The Milanese wins with 3-2 on aggregate and will face Bayern Munich on May 22 at the home of Real Madrid after the Germans managed a 4-0 on aggregate win over Lion from France.

Jose Mourinho—“the special one”—has earned a badge for saying whatever he wishes and getting away with it today. Those who hate ”the special one,” give him credit for his genius, for he has proven once again that no coach is better than him. Let us see if he will finish the job at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium on May 22.