Fidel Heading to Africa: Finally The Day Has Come


When I arrived in Boise in 2006, I was welcomed by lovely people. Not lying. I wondered for some days, not knowing how to make friends or where to start, but what I did not know was once in Boise, there are no tricks about making friends. People are already friendly.

I would see people I’ve never seen talking to me and showing interest in listening to me, At first I thought it's because I am different; that was not it. People in Boise are just just friendly people. They show the same interest to every person, and that's when I fell in love with this small city. Since then I have managed to build relationships that I am proud of with many elementary and high schools here and with different agencies. They have taught me so much about the American society and in return I have offered them much of the rest of the world's ways of life ... mostly the African ways and the refugee situation around the world.

Being in America for the past four years is a privilege to me and has given me the opportunity to look at my world from a good eye. Things that are going on in many countries in Africa felt normal to me when I was there, but arriving here and looking back, I realize that so much of them shouldn't be going on. I realize that people are unaware of what is expected of them. Likewise, here in America, there are so many things that I have seen that I compare to what we have in our country and say, "Americans need to know this." That's why I love raising awareness in this country.

First I want to say thanks to the American society and especially to the people of Boise to have supported me, my writing and my family in Uganda through and by purchasing my Route to Peace book that keeps my younger siblings in school. I know you have all been waiting for this day, the day I will go and reunite with the rest of my family.

It has arrived. This June I am leaving for a six week family reunion in Kampala. My older sister who has recently lost her husband will join the family as well for the first time since 1992, with her five kids from Kisangani. Two other sisters also will join in from Bukavu, hopefully with their kids, and since Boise has been a huge part of the lives of the 11 family members that reside in Kampala and me here, I have the privilege of keeping you in touch through Boise Weekly on this blog.

I am leaving on the 10th of June, so if anyone has a question or things they would love to know, wants me to speak to their groups or school before I go, just let me know.

For those in Boise who love soccer, I will also report the FIFA WORLD CUP here, as it will be going on in South Africa. Watch out for the next article to know how you can also watch the World Cup in Boise.