Boise Wonder, a Refugee Soccer Team


  • Boise Wonder in Seatle Washinton 2009
The winter is over and things are about to get exciting once again in Boise.

Yes! I said exciting. In two weeks we will kick off the spring soccer season with SISL (Southern Idaho Soccer League), the only soccer league that was happening in Boise for years until last season, when U.S. Soccer Club started and created some competition.

The games start the second week of March with most of them played at Ann Morison Park every Sunday, Saturday and Friday except on April 4 (Easter) and May 9 (Mother’s Day).

There will be a tournament right after the spring season ends on June 4 to the 6 organized by SISL at Ann Morison Park and month after that the summer season will follow.

This year I reconstructed the FC International team and changed the name to Boise Wonders, moved out of the SISL League and joined the BSL, due to financial reasons, as the league agreed to help sponsor some of my players who are all New Americans (Refugees) that are still arriving to the U.S. and haven’t gotten jobs yet. Some are high school students and can’t afford to register a team on their own.

We launched our first practice about a month ago in blistering cold weather, trying to get accustomed to playing in such weather before the season begins. I still recall playing in the snow last spring ... it was the most difficult game of my life, and I just want to see if we could get used to it before the season starts.

Boise Wonders is built of players from all over—Africa, Afghanistan and Mexico. We practice in Ann Morison Park every Tuesday and Thursday at 4 pm which will be changed to 5 pm when the time springs ahead on the 14th of March.

  • Boise Wonder in Seatle Wahington 2009
This team is excellent, with talented kids who just love to play soccer. This year we lost a few player who benefited from soccer scholarships to colleges in Washington, and that just motivated the rest to have respect and love of the sport as they acknowledge the benefit it may hold for them after high school.

Our team has no sponsors, so we rely on our own money to register the team and those that work, contribute to cover for those that don’t and are still arriving in the country. We would welcome anyone who is willing to sponsor us and if it’s a business we would have their name on our team jersey.

Don’t stay in the house bored this spring, Take a walk and hang out with soccer Yankees in my favorite place in Boise, The Ann Morrison Park.