Quarter Finals Start with Shocks


After watching the tournament favorite Ivory Coast knocked out by Algeria last night with a 3-2 loss in extra-time and Angola the host eliminated by Ghana with a 1-0 score. The only nation that would stop Egypt to take this trophy three times in a row was going to be Cameroon.

Cameroon started the game so well today, dominating in all departments and taking the lead in the 26th minute through Emana's shot that was deflected into the net by an Egyptian defender.
But despite the dominance, still fans doubted if the Lions will hold on to that lead past half time.

Close to the end of the first half, the fans' doubt proved to be real, as a 34 meter shot beat the Cameroon keeper, who would have done better. Egypt managed to push the game into the second half with a 1-1 score.

In the second half, Egypt came with fire, and Zidan would have scored three times in the first three minutes when Cameroon was playing sloppy, letting him loose in the box chasing a long ball from his keeper, but his check went wide. Shortly after those chances, Cameroon regrouped and took control of the game again forcing the Egyptian goal keeper into a number of tough saves throughout the second half. Eto'o had too great chance from about 20 meters out, while Emana's shot heroically saved the the number on skipper.

Meteeb would have given Egypt a win in the 89th minute but he shot on the side netting allowing Cameroon another 30 minutes of extra time.

The extra time started with a bang as Egypt benefited from the Njitap's mistake to beat the keeper on a back pace to make it 2-1. Hassan mad it three with a free kick that the goal keeper bounced against the post and it bounced back crossing the line to put the game out of Cameroon's reach. It's was over for Eto'o and his Lions as the fans where ready to die from heart attack like the Milan fan who passed away last night during the derby.

Egypt keeps impressing and there is no doubt that this trophy for the third time running it'is going to be celebrated in the land of Pharaoh. The was no way Cameroon was going to get two goals in the extra-time after their hope was shut down by the red card in the last minutes after Egypt took advantage of a defensive mistake and the Cameroon defender could not manage to deal with it but to pull the striker down.

Egypt's progress to the semi-finals to join Ghana and Algeria. Nigeria is playing Zambia later today and the winner will join these three as the top four African teams. Only two of the five World Cup representatives have made it to the top four. Should Nigeria win later today they will save the faith of the disappointing Cameroon and Ivory Coast but, is there a team to prevent the Pharaoh from taking this trophy again?

W e can only wait and see. Sorry Diddier Drogba and Samuel Eto'o, Due to Egypt, you may end up finishing your careers without an African Cup trophy. Keep conquering Europe.