Congo's Forgotten 14 Years


It’s been given a deaf ear. No one really talks about it; for the most part, you will hear people talking about the genocide in Rwanda and Darfur. But what has been happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo for the past 14 years has been horrible.

Fidel's Sisters and Aunties
  • Studio Photo Baby
  • Bukavu Dem. Rep. of Congo. In this photo are my sisters and aunties with their children

I was just reading this article by Eve Ensler entitled “The Four Months Since Hillary .“
I wept, not because I was surprised at the extreme of things that are happening, because I witnessed them myself. I wept because of the time that it has been going on while no one seems to care. The length of time that these women have been going through repeated gang rapes while no one seems to know about it. And that realty makes me question whether the tension that the genocide in Rwanda and Darfur arose was due to its intensity or driven by something else.

I really love and support the campaign raising awareness about genocide in Darfur and would bet all to see unity in Rwanda as my Africa needs to come together. But it is shocking to know that over 5 million people have died in the Congo since 1996, six times more than the genocide in Rwanda and Darfur but only a tenth of the world knows about it.

In the article, Eve describes the condition of these raped victims and it was too disturbing to me and I know it would be the same to others that still have relatives in the province of South Kivu. I know I still have more relatives in Bukavu and who knows if they are not among these victims?

With a deaf ear given to this conflict, rape has taken the highest toll in this province and risen even over death and other violence. Most victims of the war to end dictatorship become women: Our Mothers, Our Sisters, Our Aunties and Daughters.

My mother recently rescued my younger sister out of Bukavu due to this threat, and now she is living safe in Kampala together with my other younger siblings, but still I have three big sisters that I know are still scattered in South Kivu and Kisangani. One of then was a victim in 1999.

It would be so helpful if the world would start talking and putting some endeavors to help stop this at once. At least put it out there people, to acknowledge how important it is to help end this war that has claimed more lives than any other war since World War II.

Please read this article "Four Months Since Hillary " and understand what still going on in the Congo.