Togolese Soccer Team Attacked


Man! I am sad, hurt and disappointed in our Continent right now.

I've been trying my best to defend our hatred and cruelty for many years now thinking one day we will be able to come to our senses and bring peace and unity to our lovely Africa, but how long can I keep up hope?

You can do all you want, but when we start hurting the people that give us hope, it is really disturbing.

I am following the news unfolding about the Togolese soccer team bus, taking the players to Kabinda where they are opening up their first African Cup of Nations game, being attacked by gun men for 30 minutes. I was nothing but shocked.

How more evil can we get than that? When someone that should be appreciating the fact that his nation, toned by war for 27 years, finally is being honored to host an international sport event, gets up in the morning and say " Hey dude! Let's go and shoot these soccer players."

The bus was attacked for 30 minutes by gunmen, killing the bus driver, injuring two players and about 18 stuff members including two coaches. “They should not have traveled by road,” Gabriel Ameyi, vice-president of the Togolese Football Federation said. “They did not tell officials that they were traveling by road. They should have flown to Angola.” To hear the audio of the attack description by a victim click here.

Now, How bad can it get if you ask players that play safe football in Europe that they had to fly to the stadium to play because they will be shot at if they walk or drive? If they were shot at going to the city, they can be shot at while playing.

I too am concerned about the World Cup already, not because the same will happen but because the reputation of the whole African continent is spoiled. The world will try to connect this to the World Cup as we already started hearing from the Europeans. Even though South Africa is a safe place, from my experience living there for five years, I still feel like people that have never visited Africa before think of the whole Continent as a war front, which is not true. I just hope this doesn't change the mind of fans and players going to the World Cup this June.

I am really disappointed in the words of the vice-president of the Togolese Football Federation, that the players shouldn't have traveled by bus. So you blame them while you should be sympathizing with their families! At least the premier league clubs in England are showing some concern by calling all over Africa, trying to assure their million pounds football heroes are safe. In Europe, football associations are calling out Fifa to assure the safety of their players or they should return to Europe right away. Togo is thinking of boycotting the whole competition and returning home, as they can not wipe the memories of the attack in-time for the game game tomorrow.

"All the players just want to go home to their families after seeing bullets in their teammate's bodies," said Adebayor, who is the main star of the team. The tournament is still scheduled to kick off on Sunday, but there are still some concerns about what will happen if Togo decides to quit.

Among the the players in Angola are $30 million Emmanuel Adebayor who was in the bus, a player for Manchester City in England. Samuel Eto'o of Cameroon, who is one of the top three strikers in the world playing currently in Inter Milan Italy. Didier Drogba arguably the best striker in England, playing for Chelsea and more million dollars players that play all over Europe like, Ivory Coast's Yaya Toure, Kolo Toure, Ebouwe, Zakora, Arouna Dindane. For Mali, Kanoute, Kaite, Diarra in Spain and Mouhamed Sissoko in Italy. Cameroon Eto'o Flis, Rigobert Song, Alexandra Song. Nigeria Mwanko Kanu, Marin Yakubu and tens more from 16 African countries that are playing in Europe.

I am hurt and think if these culprits are found they should be thrown in a stadium full of football fans and watch how people feel about their act.