The Need for Peace in Darfur


Ooh God feel mercy on me,
Who else will feel mercy on me?
My life got down whenever I think of peace,
Peace god in Darfur,
The word peace I only hear on radio,
The word peace I only read in books,
Listening to people crying for it, ooh God,
As for me, when will I feel it?

Today I feel my pain will never end,
Ooh, God I lost my family,
My friends and relatives,
Due to the lack of peace,
I looked for help but found none,
For mercy but found no one,
Only those who laugh,
Those who insult and,
Those that keep disturbing peace, God

My suffering is no one concern,
What did I do to deserve all these pain?
Why can’t someone help?
I am crying for peace,
Only peace in Darfur,
I never kill, never still,
Trying to be clean but the world makes me dirty,
What will say about education I never completed,
What will I say about my dream I never achieved,
What will I say to my kid about the family I lost?
Ooh God, it all on my head due to peace,
Peace God the world needs it,

I have no reason to be happy no more,
Better to die and leave the pain behind,
I don’t have a to do what I can,
Things that over take me, I do not know others,
Worries have consumes my whole body,
I am just waiting for the day to come,
Therefore, I can be saved from all these pain,
We need peace, peace God,
The world needs it,

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