2010 FIFA World Cup Draw (Elephant of Cote d'Ivoire Again in the Group of Death)


As the whole world was paying attention to Cape Town, South Africa, trying to see how lucky their national team would be as the draw was unfolding, the Ivorians knew that being the best in African, the draw would not be their concern or excuse for not performing at their best, as Droga mentioned after the qualifier last month.

Not that they wouldn't have loved to be drawn in England's or Spain's group, but bearing in mind that this is the World Cup, they knew exactly what to expect.

Personally, I feared that Africa may not reach the finals once again, but I am not skeptical about Cote d'Ivoire's chances of upsetting the world's number one team, Brazil, where I am too confident they will do whatever possible to defeat Portugal and South Korea.

Cote d'Ivoire is arguably the best team Africa has ever put together since Cameroon in 1994 and Senegal 2002.

With both mentioned teams above upsetting the best during their times, Senegal beating France in 2002 and Cameroon beating Argentina in 1994, there is no doubt that Cote d'Ivore will not do it for the African People again. I am all up for Cote d'Ivoire this coming June and hoping high for the other five African Nations.

Ghana is the closest thing to Cote d'Ivoire this year, with many thinking that they are even better. Cameron and Nigeria have been African power houses for years and there is no doubt to the damage they can do as we had seen in the past World Cups and Olympic games.

After watching Madiba Nelson Mandela Speaking at the draw starting—port has the power to inspire and unite people ... let the Africans' long wait for the World Cup be worth it—I think all six African nations representing know what that means. They have to make it worth it for the African football fans by giving memorable performances.

In New York, the Nevada Smith's England fans had been cheering as they were announcing the teams in their group and it seems as they were pleased to play the United States, Algeria and Slovania while Bob Bradly, the U.S. head coach mentioned that this is a fair draw for the United States, a statement the Ivorians may not share being placed in the Tournament's Group of Death.

I am so focused on Cote d'Ivoire as all Africans are at this moment, This is not unfamiliar to them as they were in the similar situation in Germany in 2006, facing Argentina, the Netherlands and Serbia and Montenegro, a group which they lost 2-1 to both Argentina and Netherlands and won 3-2 against Serbia and Montenegro. This year they are regarded as a more experienced team with a number of World class players that are making history in Europe week in week out.

Didier Drogba, who is regarded by many around the world as one of the best strikers in the world, has high hopes for his team after leading them through the qualifiers, being joined by the likes of the Toure brothers who are exceptional, and Solomon Kalou his teammate in Chelsea. I am confident, along with many Africans that we will get out of this group and fight Spain the, number two in the FIFA raking for a spot in the final 8.

To see what group your nation or the team you are supporting is in, click here ... and see you in the motherland next year.