New English Class Location


After the Refugee English Language Center changed location, I took the liberty of visiting the new location on Friday morning and attended classes in all three levels, reminiscing the old days when I first came to Idaho.

The school moved from Jefferson Street to River and 13th streets in the Bronco Elite Art & Athletics Building. The place looks spacious and wide, with four class rooms and offices. The school moved due to the increase in numbers of students. The school now hosts 270 refugee students and it was hard to accommodate them at the old location, where they had to drop the computer lab to turn the room into a classroom, according to Steve Rainey, the director of the refugee English Language Center.

Rainey also highlights his excitement that the school will be able to reopen the computer lab again. Great idea indeed; when I moved here three-and-a-half years ago, I had to take computer classes with Steve and with the little experience that I got from there, I was able to secure a Night Auditing job at the Doubletree Riverside Hotel.

It was not great that this computer facility was missing and I hope new refugees take advantage of this class as it’s reopening again. Most refugees find the new location really perfect as they find it closer to their apartments than the older place, and some say it is easy to walk to.

The other great program that’s coming soon at the English language center is the Employability skills class, which will be thought by Susan Rahman.

The program was started by the Spring Institute in Denver and is called, Work Styles, said Susan. It is a two-week training, six hours a day. This program is coming soon and as cool as it sounds, I have decided to take part and possibly will blog about it.

It indeed felt great to sit in those classrooms again and learn with refugees from multiple countries. The atmosphere was high. Thanks to the people who are making these things possible, to Steve Rainy, and all the teachers who are allowing us to get into the workforse with a little bit of communication skills.