The Face of Islam in Afghanistan


In recent years, Afghanistan has been constantly in the public eye, yet there are many who don’t know the difference between Afghani and Afghan. (Hint: one is a national currency and the other is a nationality.) The Library! at Hillcrest hopes to change that with Afghanistan: The Face of Islam, a panel discussion featuring refugees from Afghanistan who now call Boise home. Led by moderator Jasmin Aguilar of the refugee resettlement agency Agency for New Americans, panelists will speak about their experiences in their war-torn home country, as well as provide insight into their culture.

Aguilar, an Afghan refugee herself, will start things off with a basic overview of the country and then she’ll turn the reins over to the panelists. Topics include religion, food, art and many other relevant areas of discussion. The panel will then be followed by a question and answer session, which will provide audience members with a chance to ask questions and clear up any lingering misconceptions. This program is one of a series put on by The Library! at Hillcrest and, while open to all, it is primarily aimed at adults.

Thursday, Oct. 15, 7 p.m., FREE, The Library! at Hillcrest, 5246 W. Overland Road, 208-562-4996,

-Jeff Lake