Not a Healthy Day For Me


Sometimes I do things and wonder to myself, “am I normal?”

Working days and nights throughout the last week was something I sometimes liked. As I usually think it helps me to get my mind off my past, which bores and stresses me. But at the end of the week I went too far...

Working eight hours on Thursday night, getting home Friday at seven in the morning, going to interpret at a monthly refugee orientation from 9 to 12, and then taking the liberty of going to Foothills School to role model for the kids. As I was so tired already, I still could not let my fatigue slow me down, as I had a meeting to attend at the City Hall for (structuring refugee communities…) from 1 to 4 on that same day. I had to get at the meeting a bit late, but God I made it through the day.

At five in the evening as I was getting home and ready to go to bed, my phone rang.

A friend of mine had an extra ticket to the Killer’s concert at the Quest Arena. I love the killers, but for sure I needed some sleep, throughout the week I was sleeping three hours a day. Can I still make it to the concert without collapsing? God I love the Killers…

Well, I will take that risk, I decided, and went to the concert.

The thing is I had never worked so hard in my life and this day was just unadvisable. I could never ask someone to work that much because after the concert, I thought I was drunk. My mind and body could not function as normal. It was the most I had ever worked. Of coarse I had gone days and days without sleeping but that was out of choice, that was during the wars and it’s different when you have an option.

It was a good experiment though but not good for your health, definitely.