A Family from Boise Brings Light into My Family's Life


Twelve years may be too long without seeing your loved ones. Hope is dancing around me so much with life changing its face each day, that I sometimes don’t know when will I ever say, "I have achieved my goal, my goal of seeing my family once again."

But after recently failing to go to Kampala to reunite with my beloved family, due to so many reasons, a woman and her son from Boise accidentally stopped by a booth where I was selling my poem book (Route to Peace). While talking with a friend for a minute, it emerged she was going to Kampala, Uganda, where my family lives, to do some missionary work for two weeks. After just having one meeting with her where I gave her my family contacts, a photo of me and a copy of Route to Peace to take to my family, she was gone to Kampala and I only wished she would be a help to them…

In the picture from left to right: My mother, Ushindi, my father, Brigitter, Peggy, Judith, Aronld. On knees, Ndisa and Murhambo.

Within just days, Kampala turned in to Boise, with my sick mother telling me on the phone that she feels like she is in Boise every time she is around Peggy and her kids.

My mother has been sick for more than 10 years, but Peggy, who happens to be a doctor herself, injected her with some medicine that till today my brother keeps telling me, mother feels better for the first time in a decade. Some of my brothers and sisters were suffering from vision problem but not after Peggy’s arrival in Kampala, She took them all to the clinic to get eye glasses and treatment. Beside the medical help, she also blessed them with gifts and most of all, her personal time that she spared just to converse with them and give them hope that life can be changed again.

With my mother saying to me in Swahili “out of every one you’ve ever sent to see us, this is the one person we know that has come here for us.” But I have just known her for a day! I can’t believe this great help coming from Boise and looking at how good this city had been to me since my arrival. I can say much more thank yous than this.

And to me, what Peggy has done for my family, she has done it for me and the entire Boise refugee community, and the credit goes to the entire Boise community. Thank you Peggy and Boise.