Love of the Nation


Refugees of war in a foreign country
Failing to cope,
They had a home one time,
And a beautiful life,
But all was destroyed and they were forced out
Leaving all behind,

Surely, I can hear their voices crying,
As they are abused and denied their rights,
People are making fun of them,
Reminding them of their losses,
Forgetting that they once been at peace,
And now are living the next stage of life,

People going home from their works,
Leaving them pondering,
Pondering how they will get peace in their land,
In the middle of the night,
Others getting on their dreams,
Dreaming of how they’ll buy cars,
Dreaming of how they’ll buy houses,
Dreaming of how they’ll get married,

All he dreams about,
Is the peace of his land?
When his people will stop killing one another like flies,

All he dreams about,
Is the equality of beings?
When all men will be allowed to live equally,
Without discrimination,

And as he gets ready to sleep he cries again,
Oh Lord, as I am setting my soul to bed,
I ask you to bless our nations,
Whatever happens in this night?
War or massacre,
I pray you to rest the souls of those that will be the next victims.

"Route to Peace," Fbm Fidel M Nshombo, 2008