Is Running Away as the Way of Success?


A day may not pass by without one wondering about how it would have been if he never left home. I used to think that I was the only one with this puzzle, until my soccer buddies brought the subject up.

“The war has to end in our countries so that people will stop relying on running away as the only way of success” one said…

I analyzed it myself and found just that. With 5 million dead in my Congo in 14 years of war, and tens of millions in refuge, I can’t feel much sorrow for my country and its people.

The mind of Africans today holds that, better than education, and staying in our war-torn countries, running away is the best option for having a wonderful life. Most Africans believe an opportunity to get into a Western country is a blessed opportunity—better than everything they have studied for or worked for for years in their respective countries. And from self experience, I used to think landing in America, I would pick up money from the street.

But it's unbelievable how people’s expectations change so fast after arriving in these countries, and all they want is what they were denied all along: returning back home. That’s what proves that home is home. When you see someone that spent nine years in college to become a doctor working in a hotel as a housekeeper because they can’t speak English, and their degree can’t be recognized in most of these countries.

You can only wonder, “Why did I leave home!“ This is mostly affecting people in their later ages and senior citizen who can’t work long hours. It gets so complicated when our countries stay unsafe; no matter how much we would love to return, we still can’t because of the war. And that’s why I say the war has to end so we can stop relying on going overseas to seek success.

It's a great opportunity for our children and for those born here though, for the new generation. They will be given all the things that we never had, but we will always remain the victims of the conflicts that will not cease in Africa.

Let the war end so we can rebuild our African nations.