A New Refuge from Baghdad



Today I would like to talk about another kind of refuge; that refuge offered by another creature. In my case, it is a dog. It appears that not only humans need to emigrate to more peaceful places.

This is my dog, Karow. She was born with bad timing, like many unlucky humans who are born in the middle of war or in the beginning of disaster. This dog should live in peace, but it's hard to leave any creature in peace while using guns and bombs…

She suffered first because I left her with my family in Iraq when I left to Turkey. Then my family fallowed me after one year and I was so happy to meet them again and I was expecting my dog to be with them. But when they arrived to Istanbul’s airport, I found and they found that the dogs which were supposed to be on their flight were not there!!! They had been left in Baghdad airport by mistake…

We all panicked and when we asked when we would be able to get her, the answer was that we needed to wait four days till the next flight from Baghdad to Istanbul. This dog was unlucky again; these four days were again a human mistake!!!

But now this pretty cute dog has been with me from that day till now. Everyone who sees her is so interested that she came from Baghdad and in her entire life's journey.