Ann Morrison: Best Place in Boise


With this July being my third year in Boise, I have come to realize that Ann Morison Park is the best place in Boise.

Arriving in this town in the summer of 2006, I would ponder much, trying to figure out what a foreigner can do to feel comfortable in this town. The city looked small and quiet, peaceful and kind of strange in its own way. I love the mountains and would have found something to do in the mountains as I am from a mountainous town, but it just wasn’t the same.

Today, after three years, I look back and realize that the best thing that has ever happened to Boise is Ann Morrison Park. Living 300 meters from the Park, I find my self spending most of my spare time doing different things around its beauty. My first time to explore the busy Ann Morrison Park was in August 2006 when a friend signed me up for a soccer team and I had to play my first game in the park. And from then on, it was a place for me to feel homey.

With the Boise River running alongside, being a final stop for water floaters, the pretty water fountain and host to tens of different sports, most which I had to experience for the first time here (lacrosse, Frisbee, etc...) I just wouldn’t find better place in Boise to spend time. I spend at least 3 hours daily either playing soccer or volley ball, sitting by the river with my feet in the water jotting poetries, riding my bike through the park and on the Greenbelt or just taking a walk around. Out of a hundred people I have known in Boise, eighty of them I met in Ann Morrison Park.

And from the feel of it, I can speak for most people from Africa, Asia and South America here in Boise. Most of them may be in the same shoe with me as far as the park is concerned. Maybe it’s because of soccer being played in there, but also I come across many of these people in the park doing BBQ’s and birthday parties.

It may be, after all the best thing to have happened to Boise ever, and not just for me.