The beginning of a long dream


For those who know me, they probably know a bit about my story, my family and my route to peace and freedom. Now this is the beginning of a long awaited dream. Everything I have ever dreamed of, what was considered a fairy tale, will finally come to pass this August when I take a six week trip to reunite with my family in Kampala, Uganda. (To understand the story read here for my family's story and mine.)

Starting with a trip to Canada to reunite with my fellow refugees, who strived with me in Zimbabwe and South Africa, followed by a long trip to a continent that I fled three years ago due to persecution. But this time around I will be a bit protected, having the US permanent residence return visa. It is a trip that will be filled with a lot of mixed feelings, a lot of emotion and stress, especially reuniting with my family after 13 years of separation.

I am nervous, knowing that i will be meeting with a lot of young brothers and sisters i never knew, nephews and nieces whose names i don't know. But above all, opening up to my parents about things i had burried deep in my heart for so long.

I am planning to document the whole trip starting on the 5th of August until my return to the US. Photos and videos if possible, to illustrate my entire path and that of my family, will be available and also the unknown mystery of their whereabouts for the past 13 years. I am glad again Boise Weekly brought this blog to us and thanks to all the readers as well who will be taking this wild journey with me.