The Fate, by Luma Jasim

When fate/destiny exerts its power and decides to handle you roughly, in a moment you will feel as you have no arms and you cannot change anything. As you are worthless, all that you can do is watch, and maybe cry and scream.

Everyday, hundreds of people loose a member of their family in war. Is it truly fate?! Or is it human made, a human creation?

All the researchers say that humans are the greatest creatures in the world!

So I want to ask this question: Which is better, the human creature who has the desire to kill and fight others for no reason, or the animals for whom fighting or killing is only to eat and to stop the hungry feeling, to survive? The lion will never eat his booty unless he’s hungry!!!

Why this human hunger for wars and blood? Why does anyone think their group is better than the other one? Why am I better than you, or you better than me? What gives anyone the right to decide this?

A lot of questions, and I hope that someone will share some answers with me...