Variety is a value


Palm tree, Photo by Adil Qasim, Iraq
b4e3/1244258205-palm_tree.jpgEveryone can agree that "variety" is is one of the main adjectives that lends a special value to life in the USA. The multifarious cultures which emigrated from different lands and civilizations to live together in this nation brought with them all their ideas, art, music, food, and their traditions… etc.

These mixing civilizations and cultures have built a respect and acceptance of many ideas in such a natural way! For instance, in the USA, no one needs to visit India to meet with Indian people. There’s no need to wait to go to the Middle East or Europe to know things about those places and the people there. They are here, all you need to do is to communicate with them, visit their restaurants to get a grasp of some sides of their life.

And here I would like to shine some light on my home country, Iraq, by traveling together on this rich ground from the south to the north, we will recognize a variety there as well. Such as: The weather, the land nature, the people’s skin color and their dress, communities, religions, nationalities, languages and their accent also.

So if I talk about the weather, I will say it’s so warm in the south and becomes colder toward the north where you can see the snow in winter covering the whole area. Then, the nature of the land: it’s flat in the south where you can see the desert, however the desert gives way to green lands, and then the mountains in the north. You will see amazing palm trees along the way in the south and different fruit trees in the middle then in the north the apple and the pistachio trees. Also, you will notice a variety in the people's skin color. It’s whiter in the north and becomes dark and darker gradually while you are moving to the south. There is also an assortment in the styles of dress from north to south.

Our companion on this journey will be the two great rivers, Tigris and Euphrates, cutting their way from the north to the south, giving life to all that is around and uniting this mixture in a shared history and future. As a result, all these differences have led to a great richness in art, literature, science, etc...”

And with all these varieties the Iraqi people lived together on this land for thousands years, comprising the “Hadaret Wadii al Rafideen,” our Mesopotamian civilization.

Every environment has its elements which our eyes are used to seeing and living in. That's why the U.S. has a unique culture of accepting different ideas, because every new generation breathes with all these varieties as a normal fact. As well, everyone can have the chance to live here free to choose the way they want to live. So I say again: variety is a value.