Rescued in Boise


As I was stranded in a refugee camp, not knowing how I was going to be rescued, there comes Boise, a small, beautiful mountainous city just like home. I could not be happier, despite one thing missing, the diversity. It was three years ago and there were not many refugees then, or aliens in Boise, unlike today.

It’s a different case now, with three different refugee agencies in Boise (International Rescue Committee, Agency for New Americans and World Relief) that have brought in a large number of refugees from
Burma, Bhutan, Iraq, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Togo, Liberia, Uzbekistan, Russia, Afghanistan and more … who have made Boise
their home.

Listening to them talking, you’ll understand how grateful and happy they are for being given the opportunity of a lifetime to put together the scattered pieces of their lives again.

With Boise Weekly starting this great blog on refugees in our community and elsewhere, I am so delighted to have been chosen among the people to edit this blog and bring to you the unknowns of the culture, religion, language nature, and life of refugees in Boise, Idaho and around the globe.

It going to be altogether fun, funny, emotional, fascinating, and breathtaking as we take this journey together ... I am so grateful to all the readers and hope it will be worth your while reading this blog as we move forward.