Big Gurl


Dear Sex Guidess,

Do you hate men after being in this business? What are the rules of attraction? Is it always looks? Do you take time to talk with them before you hop in the sack?

Now for the Big Gurl stuff ...

Do I hate men? Absolutely not. Why would I bite the hand off that fed me. Some I didn't get along with; I just didn't see them again.

Do I understand men ... yeah. They want sex and lots of it. I know a thought alone can make a man hard. A look alone can take him to bed without him even moving an inch. You don't have to dress too scantily clad either. All you need is your naked eyes. The rule of attraction in my book was chemistry. I either felt it or I didn't. If I didn't, I would just wait for another to come around.

A man is a man is a man. Most come by for one thing. The only thing ... pussy. Meow. You would be very surprised to know not all are out for that. They come in for attention. Some conversation. A little bit of unconditional affection. A little ego pump doesn't hurt. Some of these guys have been hurt badly by a relationship and can't seem to pick themselves off the floor. Some just recently divorced in need of a sex-esteem lift. Some lost their significant other and are trying to heal and carry on. Some haven't had sex in years and want to know if it still works. It usually does ... very quickly. Then it works again.

I condoned looks more than a person's mood. I had to create some kind of trust with a stranger by asking the right questions, getting beyond any talk about the weather, looking for an immediate story to give me a clue as to what makes them tick. It's like dating in the fast lane. Cutting out all the crap and getting down to business. Money took second place to safety because I learned no one is going to protect me but me.

With Love,

Sex Guidess