Veeness and Mores


Are the Tricks nice? What do you do if they are smelly or dirty?

"Hi Veeness, I'd like to pick you," he said holding out his hand. Shaking hers.

Veeness never calls them tricks, she calls them Mores that's all they ever want is more.

Dressed like taffy, in multi-colored pink, yellow and white. With two pig-tails in ribbons drawn up high with the rest of her long brown hair curled and flowing.

She sits down on the bar stool awaiting his first question. Will it be the weather or something that may tick her off? Lighting up her cigarette she realizes, he's harmless.

He says, he likes her cotton candy pink heels.

She says, thank-you looking at them.

He's really looking at her legs.

She says, she got her nails done today.

He doesn't care he's looking at her coconuts.

She says, she wants another drink.

He doesn't; he wants to chase her tail.

So that's her cue but nothing is gonna touch these brand new tights. So he's in the shower, washing off a hard days work. There will be no More if he's smelly.

With Love,

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