Dear Sex Guidess,

I have always wanted to do a strip-tease for my man. I am a big girl and I am stuck on my flaws. How can I feel good about myself regardless and give him a good bedroom show he will never forget?

Bedroom door shut and locked.

Candy cane thigh-hi's, sparkling red high-heeled shoes. Panties—lacy red. Red velvet dress with a shiny black belt. Low cut neck with a white feathery lining.

Ah ah ah ... can't touch ... yet. Sitting him down on top of his hands.

Flipping on the music slow with a steady bounce. Looking over your shoulder with eyes that say "are you ready?" Confidence now. Hint of a smile 'cuz you know he's gonna like this.

Reaching all the way down hands on open toe heels. Concentrating on eye contact; the best tease. Leading his mind to exactly where you please. Leaving him partially satisfied. Hands travel up your legs holding his gaze. Timing it just right so he doesn't fade.

Pulling up the dress ever so slightly. Giving a look out of the corner of your eye. Tiny smile. Oops—little strap off the shoulder—there it goes ... watch it, watch it, now there he grows. Rearranging himself in his chair.

Ah, ah, ah ... no touching now.

Bending over face to face. Checking cleavage ... yes it's in place. Eye contact full of tease with pink lips ... smiling. Still no touching; teasing is really something like running. Don't give in to the chase just yet. Bite your lip stepping back.

Slowly letting go of all those clothes. Leaving thigh-hi's on for warmth. Now the countdown 5,4,3,2,1 ... now it's time to stop the run.

Tease is not necessarily a quick strip. The whole point of teasing is to turn on the mind then the other will follow.

Don't forget: Booty is on the inside. All imperfections disappear the moment you realize a perfect attitude is all you need!

With Love,

Sex Guidess

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