How do you stay clean in this business? Do you check customers in the Cathouse? Didn't you worry about getting something?

"Love the smell of rubber gloves in the morning." (Snap!)

You cannot rub a guy down with beta-dyne solution and alcohol it will totally kill the mood. Seriously. Rub this poor man down—front and back. All the way up his back? (Yep) His stomach too? Brrrr ...

Willy won't go ... duh.

Thinking, thinking. Trying to figure out if the girl who broke me in the house, wanted me to succeed or fail. Well no matter, anyhow, her obsessive cleaning approach was quickly overturned by the "Sensible Germ Committee." Yeah, germs exist, OK, doesn't obsessing about it ask for it?

Obsessing. Obsessing.

Of course, there are different approaches to germ freak out sessions. Bleach, sure, bleach. Bleach sprayed all the way around the room on the base boards. Really? I didn't think germs hung out on baseboards but by the looks of all the white spots on the burgundy carpet, they do.

Save me from germ paranoia.

Soap and water. Wash before and after. Getting checked by a doctor weekly is enough to keep anyone on their toes. In the house—before any money changes hands—checking the customer is a must.

With Love,

Sex Guidess

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