Pole Tricks


What is it like to do pole moves? I've always wanted to try. What's the funniest thing you have done on stage and what is the worst thing? Is it very competitive between girls? What do you do when no one tips?

Pump it up ... pump it up!

Grab the stronghold. Taking the place of a man. Strong -always- holds. Using every muscle. Not letting go. Centrifugal force carries long legs around and around. Uhhhhh, back in the biz after a vacation. Hard stage. Hurting knees. New move. That'll bruise.

Damn ...

Knocked his drink over. Oops! Sorry. Didn't mean to make you look like you pissed your pants. Nothing these Pretty boots can't do.

Boom ... Boom ... Boom ...

That's the song. Name call. Up, up the stage. Isopropyl; brass rub down, top to bottom. Gripping the pole moving your hand up and down insuring no slip. It's a perch when no one is watching. It's home base when no one cares. A spectator sport to those who couldn't, won't or shouldn't. Customers in awe sometimes forget to tip. Circular motions with a constant flow. Pole trick after pole trick after pole trick. Feeling a little dizzy. Gracefully kneeling on the stage pulling out soft genuine sensuality. "A woman's embrace." Customers eyes soften.

Collecting tips.

Back on the pole with those hot pink heels with no strap. Determined to go mighty fast. Step, step, grab, hold-tight, spin. It's on. Then it's off. My shoe, my shoe where's my shoe. Looking, looking nowhere to be found. Crap. All a person can do is laugh. Stunned customers leave the stage afraid they could lose something more than a dollar. A handsome prince saves the day puts it on the Cinderella way. Doesn't happen to everyone. Just me. No money this set. Insecurity brush off. Keep the shoulders clean. Next time.

Real ...

Sensual art. Sensual sport. "Sports mentality". Glasses ... so smart. Out-fits ... so cute. Glitter makin' your mark. Pole tricks so complex and original; girls copy your moves.

With Love,

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