How do girls get into this line of work? There is this idea that sex workers are desperate drug fiends who do it to finance there meth habits, but that's not why you were there. Why were you there?

When I was little, I dreamed of one day standing on the streets half-naked in 20-degree weather in six-inch heels wearing four pairs of panty hose; hustlin' ...


In need of a mental nudge, push or force? The profession has the power to choose you. Where money makes a slip and slide into home base easier.

Me? Made for the trade? Yeah, through many years of evolution. Walking out ...

... Sexually intoxicated ...

Sitting down, during that moment of negotiation. Flirtatiously inspiring instinctual sensation. Releasing fantasies negating suppression. Encouraging that possible date to breathe out of sexual suffocation.

... Smile ... And ... Breathe ...

Not all in the pussy trade play with poison that drains a soul. Many have bills and families they responsibly care for.

With Love,

Sex Guidess

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