I seem to have trouble maintaining an erection, unless I can be completely naked (no protection), and even the miracle drugs like Viagra do not overcome the reality of a prophylactic device (meaning that the enhancement drugs don't work) ... can you help me interpret this scenario?

Both your heads need to come together and have a man to man.

Communication is key; aren't you both on the same team? Reaching for the same goals?

Obviously, the hard head is not you but the "master" of your senses.

His hard head needs a hard hat.

Remember--you are in control, well not always, but make him think so. Besides, you don't want to feel that aftermath paranoia just because you gave into his nature addiction ...

Oh man, am I clean?

So what we got laid!

Uhhh ...


Bury yourself in the moment. Don't think about tomorrow or someone else (unless the beer goggles stopped working).

You are the King of your own throne. Sheathe your honor; till you find your fair maiden.

With Love,

Sex Guidess

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