Liquid Courage


What is a line-up like? Can you turn a "John" down if he picks you? Do you call them "Johns"?


Liquid courage rings the bell. The stud in you opens the door. Anticipation sucks the oxygen out of the room. There are twenty half-naked woman lined-up, competing for your attention. Hands behind their back, feet together, no wiggles, no jiggles. Anything but a smile is considered dirty hustling. They sound off their names. They are not real names. You can't remember a single one. Overwhelmed, you don't know who to choose. Blond, brunette, short, big, tall, petite, which one? You are taking way to long to pick. The floor manager is catching dirty looks from impatient girls that are beginning to feel like frozen meat. Choose quickly or she will pick for you. Nervously, you point and say "that one."

The parlor exhales.

She reaches out to shake your hand introducing herself once again. You still can't remember her name, that's OK, she already forgot yours.

"Let's go talk."

The discarded Cats focus on the possibility this John, Trick, Client, Customer, Regular, Date, Party, Gentleman, Friend may not book. In the meantime, shoes come off, drinks are lifted, cigarettes are lit. Conversations are continued with prior customers who already "picked."

You stumble in her room...

Can I stay or should I go.

In: You have a beautiful smile.

Out: Are those real or fake?

In: You are worth every red cent!

Out: I'm so good you'll be paying me!

You know what you want, so does she.

Independently owned and operated a Working Girl has the right to refuse service to anyone; respectively.

With love,

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