Fakin' It


Is it common for a Sex Worker to fake an orgasm or to fake an emotion with a "Trick"?

You mean my desk is a bed and I get paid to orgasm too?

Whoa ...

Fake it? Why fake when you can have one.

Focus ... focus ... here it comes ... here it comes and


What!? You're done, I was almost there. There's no time. I'm gonna get my call.

Oh well, can't be selfish. I'll just play with the perfect man—the one with attachments.

Trick: Did you?

Kitty-Cat: Umm ... yeah

Trick: How many times?

Kitty-Cat: Umm ... two times

Trick (Scratching his head): Are you lying?

Kitty-Cat (Slipping on her heels): Couldn't you tell?

Was that apart of the negotiations you really want

to pay me to please me? I thought you were paying

me to please you. Oh, the confusion.

It's just sex.

You pay

we play

we both go our separate ways ...

It's just sex?

For some, there is always that one that can make

a pro—Working Girl fall in love ...

With Love,

Sex Guidess

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