The Burning Question: Size.


The burning question on every man's mind: does size matter? Biggest you've seen? Smallest? Best?

Is it in? Am I in? Is it big enough for you? Am I average? Am I the biggest? Am I the smallest? It's bigger when it's hard. How do I compare to other men you've been with? Am I the best?

You feel me?

Man, I can feel you just fine. (It's ONLY a little over a foot long). The big scepters have to ask "can you take it all in?" Will my pelvis dislodge and will my arms start to tingle because you hit a nerve ending? Oh yes, then I love it when he pops the question, "Do you do greek?" HELL NO. Easy man those inches don't go there.

The inch-o-meter still registers you a man even if you are small. So chin up. This may be a cosmic test not a cosmic joke. In your next life Lazlo could end up being as long as a lasso. Ladies, imagine gag-reflex being a thing of the past and you can take it to places you have never gone before. O, O, O, O...

Oh yes, let's kick a myth, shall we...size sees no color. So yeah, no matter what race you're runnin' you could be the size of a pinky too. Don't you love equality?

Doesn't anyone ever think of a woman's size?

You know that dreaded mantra it's not the size that matters it's what you do with's the kind of A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E you are putting in; It's not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean.

Size does not matter--it's a personal focus.

Life is too short to care about your size. If you are clean, can get up and get have the best. That's livin' large!

With love,

Sex Guidess

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